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UCLA Transfer Student Center

The Transfer Academic Timeline outlines the weeks of the quarter system. You can use this timeline as a general road map for what each quarter looks like up close, a checklist for important dates and deadlines, and/or a place for tips on prioritizing your time and staying academically prepared each week during a quarter.

These are general guidelines, so for exact dates and policies be sure to check the current quarterly calendars and the other terrific resources provided on the UCLA Registrar’s Office Website, such as the schedule of classes, course descriptions, and FAQ. The Registrar’s website also offers a downloadable iCal version of each quarterly calendar so that all important administrative dates and deadlines can be loaded right into your own personal calendar for easy access and reminders. Be sure to utilize this great tool!

It is important that you meet with an academic and a departmental advisor every quarter to ensure you are on track for graduation. In addition, we recommend running a Degree Progress/Audit Report (DARS) through MyUCLA each quarter to review your progress. It is particularly essential to sit down with an academic advisor if you are in your last year at UCLA. Click here for more information on academic advising options.

After Accepting Your Admissions Offer

Familiarize yourself with UCLA and attend orientation

Connect with other transfers and attend transfer events

Find out what resources are available for you at UCLA

Prepare for your classes

  • Order your textbooks and download course syllabi if they are available through the course website housed at MyUCLA

Research and join student organizations

Secure housing and transportation

  • Commuter students: apply for a parking pass (the due dates come very early so be sure to stay on top of deadlines), and try driving to school during the week to time your commute at different times of the day
  • Check out housing options , on and off campus

Consider mapping out your time at UCLA

  • Browse the other Transfer Timelines to get a sense of how to hit the ground running and map out your time at UCLA

Outlining a Typical Quarter Academically Week-by-Week

Week 0 or True Bruin Welcome Week (Fall Quarter Only)

  • Attend True Bruin Welcome Week: A celebration of events prior to the start of class for new and continuing students held during the fall quarter
  • True Bruin Welcome Week Events: Volunteer Day, the Chancellor’s Welcome, the Transfer Welcome Reception, The Enormous Activities Fair, Common Book discussions, and more!
  • Check your class websites: Classes can be accessed through your MyUCLA account or by signing in to the Bruin Learn (Canvas) site where course websites are housed), and review the course syllabus generally posted there.
  • Check in with an Academic Counselor: You will either be in Academic Advancement Programs (AAP) or College Academic Counseling (CAC)
  • Ask questions and connect with other transfer students on the UCLA Transfer Student Facebook and Instagram pages!

Week 1

  • Academic and Time Management Tips:You may decide to add or change a course during week 1 and 2, we recommend making any changes during week 1 and not wait due to the speed of the quarter system
  • Whether this is your first quarter or not, week 1 is a great time to thoroughly review your course syllabi and enter all assignment dates and deadlines into a planner, your phone calendar with alerts, a spreadsheet, or any organizational/time management tool that works best for you
  • Start your reading if you have not already: the workload will add up and you will want to stay on top of your reading especially for those classes with weekly quizzes!
  • Connect with your professors and TAs: Going to office hours is a great way to do so!
  • Plan ahead: Go to workshops, information sessions, and other events to meet others and interact with students in and outside of class this week
  • Ask many questions, and explore some of the many academic resources available to you as a transfer.

Week 2

  • Visit Resource Centers: Undergraduate Writing Center, Libraries, Bruin Resource Center, LGBTQ+ Center, Transfer Student Center, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), and any other academic resources you anticipate you may need to utilize
  • Connect with students in class, start a study group if you learn well this way, and/or trade contact information with another student in case you have to miss class or borrow notes
  • Apply for aParking pass: Applications generally come out around week 2 for the following quarter
  • Friday of week 2, last day to:
    • DROP impacted courses.
    • Change Study List (add, drop courses) without fee through MyUCLA.
    • Enroll in courses for credit without late Study List fee through MyUCLA.
    • Check wait lists for courses through MyUCLA.
    • File undergraduate request for tuition reduction with your college or school

Week 3

  • Attend Bruin Transfer Pride Week Events (Winter Quarter only):Bruin Transfer Pride Week, a week of celebrating all things transfer!
  • Academic and Time Management Tips: Week 3 to week 6 is considered midterm season; you may have midterms, papers, or larger assignments due during this time.
  • Friday of week 3, last day to:
    • ADD courses with $5 per-course fee through MyUCLA.
    • File late Study List with fee.
    • Be audited for approval for reduced tuition (must be enrolled in 10 units or less to be eligible for reduction) as of this date.
    • Have enrolled units verified to determine financial aid eligibility for the term

Week 4

  • Enrollment:Typically enrollment dates for the next quarter will be posted in the during this week (enrollment dates and times can be found on MyUCLA)
  • Begin planning out your next quarter using the class planner on your MyUCLA account
  • Review professor bios on your department website, talk to other students, ask about professors on Facebook groups, and browse to research professors for the courses you are interested in (always take this with a grain of salt, reviews of professors are very subjective!).
  • Friday of week 4, last day to:
    • DROP non-impacted courses without a transcript notation (with per-transaction fee through MyUCLA

Week 5

  • Academic and Time Management Tips:
  • You may have a paper due during week 5 or 6, check out the Undergraduate Writing Center and the Writing Success Program .
  • It is 100% normal to feel stressed out at this point in the quarter, especially if this is your first quarter! Be sure to utilize the resources available to you if you are feeling overwhelmed. Come to the Transfer Student Center to chat with staff, visit CAPS , learn how to meditate through the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC) , or visit any academic resources that may be of great use to you and provide ease to the pressure you may be feeling.

Week 6

  • Friday of week 6, last day to:
    • Change grading basis (P/NP to letter grade or vice versa).

Week 7

  • Academic and Time Management Tips:
  • Generally, midterms are finished by week 7 and you may have time for a little bit of relaxation and evaluation regarding how midterms went and if there are any study tactics you need to shift to prepare for upcoming finals/final papers.
  • Did your study skills work for you? Did you manage your time well? If you want to shift the way you approached your academics or even if you just want to continue to stay ahead of the game, be sure to utilize the resources that can help with this
  • Go to office hours to review your midterms.
  • Attend any workshops or events that may be offered –check workshops on your MYUCLA homepage.
  • Friday of week 7, last day to:
    • DROP non-impacted courses with transcript notation and $20 per-course fee through MyUCLA.

Week 8

  • Begin preparing and studying for finals.
  • Go to office hours.
  • Use the test bank.
  • Be sure to utilize the resources available to you if you are feeling overwhelmed. Come to the Transfer Student Center to chat with staff, visit CAPS, or academic resources that may be of great use to you and provide ease to any pressure you may be feeling.
  • Attend any workshops or events that may be offered.

Week 9

  • Prepare and study for finals.
  • Go to office hours and review sessions!
  • Use the test bank .
  • Be sure to utilize the resources available to you if you are feeling overwhelmed. Come to the Transfer Student Center to chat with staff, visit CAPS, or academic resources that may be of great use to you and provide ease to any pressure you may be feeling.
  • Attend any workshops or events that may be offered.

Week 10

Finals Week

  • Although some professors may hold finals during tenth week, generally finals are given during this last week of the quarter. There are no traditional classes held during finals week so you will not be attend class during this week, although there may be review sessions and/or office hours held.
  • Friday of finals week is generally the last official day of the quarter!