UCLA Pre-Law Transfer Society (PLTS)

The Pre-Law Transfer Society at UCLA is the leading organization on campus dedicated to the educational advancement of UCLA Pre-Law Students. ​We are an organization dedicated to the ideals of diversity and inclusion, and this includes serving the needs of students who come from underrepresented communities and from non-traditional backgrounds.​ Our assistance is specialized but not limited to ethnic minorities, community college transfers, and individuals who have overcome adversity in their life and have a desire to achieve their dreams. ​ We achieve the ideals of our mission statement through hosting specialized workshops/Q&A sessions with the top law schools in the nation, hosting LSAT prep companies, and bringing in special guests in diverse areas of the law, entrepreneurship, and business.

Students can join PLTS at any time! To become a PLTS member, go to our website prelawtransfersociety.com and go to the Membership tab, where there will be two options: either to become an Attendee member at no cost, or to become a Verified member, who has extra privilege with a one-time $35 membership fee.

Website: prelawtransfersociety.com

Email: prelawtransfersociety@gmail.com

Instagram: @plts_ucla

Facebook: facebook.com/prelawtransfersucla/

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