Student Transfer Outreach Mentor Program (STOMP)

The Student Transfer Outreach Mentor Program (STOMP) at UCLA is a volunteer-based organization in which current UCLA students motivate and inspire prospective transfer students at California community colleges. Through the STOMP club, our members work alongside UCLA Undergraduate Admission staff to help put on outreach events for California community colleges, including the Annual STOMP Conference, which is the largest transfer conference in the University of California. With the opportunity to share one's personal transfer experience, our STOMP members strive to make connections with prospective transfer students of all backgrounds. Additionally, through our club meetings and social events, STOMP members are welcomed into a positive, supportive community of transfer student advocates and have access to STOMP facilities.

Please note that there is a new membership form each school year, so the best way to stay up to date would be to follow their Instagram account for updates.


Instagram: @STOMPatUCLA


STOMP logo

STOMP Conference 2022

Students pose in the UCLA lawns near Janss Steps (STOMP Conference 2022)
Screenshot of students in a Zoom meeting (STOMP Conference 2022)