TransferMed at UCLA serves to establish a sense of community among UCLA pre-med/pre-health transfer students by connecting them to resources, academic support, and volunteer opportunities. Our organization seeks to be a bridge between transfers through our mentorship program. We host social/educational events every week, fostering communication between students, alumni, and guest speakers to help you navigate your healthcare journey.

We strive to empower fellow transfers to take advantage of the resources available to maximize their experience here at UCLA! Our organization is primarily focused, but not limited to, transfer students and we encourage all to become a part of our endeavors!

Students can become members through the member application form we release on our Linktree at the beginning of every quarter. Membership applications are released Friday of Week 1 and due Friday of Week 3 at 11:59PM. More information on active membership requirements are provided on our website and during our meetings.


Instagram: @transfermeducla


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