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UCLA Transfer Student Center

Apartment Hunting Tips and tricks

(Note: this information is outdated but the general information might be useful). Apartment hunting has been made easy! Check out these tips and tricks sponsored by Prezi to make your search all the easier and quicker.

Apartment and Roommate Search Lists

We're making it easier and more accessible for Transfers to browse housing and apartments! There are a ton of fantastic sites for apartment, roommate, and sublet posts, including some transfer-specific ones. We've listed these sites to help you with your search.

The Transfer Experience in Residential Life (live on campus with other transfers!)

Family Housing Options

University Apartments

Housing Site (FAQs, housing tours, etc.)

UCLA Transfer Housing

UCLA Community Housing Website

We have a Housing Co-op at UCLA! The University Cooperative Housing Association (UCHA) provides reasonable-cost housing to qualified students, visiting scholars and faculty of UCLA and other nearby educational institutions. Located just two blocks from campus!





UCLA Transfer Student Roommate Search

UCLA Housing and Roommate Search

UCLA Housing, Rooms, Apartments, Sublets

UCLA Roommate search 2024 (GIRLS ONLY 💙💛)

UCLA Roommate Search - Girls Group

UCLA Classifieds: Roommates

UCLA 2022-2023 Room Swap

Off-Campus Housing Guide

(Note: this information is outdated but the general information might be useful). Housing security, including the often-stressful apartment search, can be one of the most significant issues faced by UCLA transfer students. UCLA USAC Office of the President is proud to announce its partnership with Student Legal Services to release an off-campus housing booklet. This guide includes information regarding types of available apartments, criteria to keep in mind, relevant terminology, an explanation of legal rights, and more.