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UCLA Transfer Student Center

Non-Traditional Students Network (NTSN, The Network)

The Network is a support system for students returning to higher education after pursuing other life goals. They function as a facilitator of resources, and provide advocacy, community, and support for the non-traditional student. The primary mission of The Network is to be a social and institutional support net for the diverse and growing demographic of non-traditional students who, although large in number, are often over looked in a system geared toward tradition.

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The Non-Traditional Students Network

Parenting Students at UCLA

Parenting Students at UCLA serves a diverse population of students and is dedicated to providing assistance and support of the academic and personal success of student parents and those with dependents at UCLA. As a supportive community, they are committed to increasing students’ access to and awareness of campus resources and enrichment opportunities. The group also promotes campus and community engagement that enrich and support students' academic and professional goals.

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Student Veterans Association @ UCLA (SVAUCLA)

SVA's sole mission is to provide military veterans with the resources, support, and advocacy needed to succeed in higher education and after graduation.

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Student Veterans Of America